To make this trip happen I will need a lot of support! 

What do you get for supporting me?  I promise to attend on average a baseball game every day for 260+ days; searching and reporting the best stories of the common baseball fan.  Bringing to life why we go and cheer on our favorite teams and players, what our traditions and customs are, what we eat and drink as we tailgate, how we celebrate our wins and grieve our loses.  I want to document and report the fan experience to the best of my ability, so you the fan can be the focus and show how vital you are to a team and a players success. 

If you would like to donate money for a gallon of gas, I would be very grateful!  Please do, I understand that it is hard to part with money in todays economy and I promise that I will not waste any that is donated.  Just click on the "Donate" button and follow the steps.

I have a nephew that I am a huge fan of, I love to watch him play baseball, he is very talented, he doesn't realize how talented he is because he is a humble kid, his dad has worked with him since he was very young and to me, his dad is one of the best coaches I have ever seen, he has this passion for baseball and teaching kids the game.  If it wasn't for my nephew or his dad I probably wouldn't be doing what I am doing today.  I also got to see kids from Ashland where I grew up excel at this beautiful game, it is stories like theirs that I want to report on and share, these are the people that inspire me.  If you have stories or people like these in your life, then please let me know.

Another great way to help is to purchase a T-Shirt or Baseball Hat from the Buddha "Swag" page, everyone is calling it swag nowadays so I got into saying it also. 

I want to stress and make sure that people understand that this isn't about the baseball game itself, but about the fans who support the teams and players.  There is plenty of news outlets that report about specific baseball games, I will only report about the games I attend and when I attend the games I will seek out the fans that I am drawn too, the fans that have a story we can cheer on or relate too.

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